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Spurgeon had a wicked sense of humour...

"When I have seen a flamingo gravely stalking along, an owl blinking in the shade, or a stork demurely lost in thought, I have been irresistibly led to remember some of my dignified brethren of the teaching and preaching fraternity, who are so marvellously proper at all times that they are just a shade amusing... I know brethren who, from head to foot, in garb, tone, manner, necktie, and boots are so utterly parsonic that no particle of manhood is visible."
Charles Spurgeon, Lectures to my Students, p. 191

Mark Driscoll often refers to Spurgeon as one of his personal heroes - but most evangelical preachers admire and appreciate Spurgeon. It'd be an almost obligatory shout-out at the preaching oscars - "and thank you to Spurgeon for all that he taught me about preaching" - if there was such an award. But reading Spurgeon's "Lectures to my students" makes me wonder whether it goes deeper than that: Spurgeon's sense of humour reminds me strongly of Driscoll.

Both Spurgeon and Driscoll mock human airs and religious pretension without mocking devotion or sincerity. They both mock self-important religiosity while approving of a humble christianity that permeates all of life.