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Phatfish are immense

Phatfish were awesome. Lou's voice is every bit as amazing outside the studio as it is in. And the rest of the band don't let her down either. And I'm challenged by the humility of the guys - playing in Bognor! I was more excited about the prospect of seeing them than I was at seeing Switchfoot live at the Shepherd's Bush Empire in the sold-out, only UK appearance of their last European tour. (And I enjoyed it more as well)

Shame about the speakers, who seemed to place the locus of authority for their talk in the prophecy of Wigglesworth, rather than the bible.

It was a pretty small crowd, with many who looked as though a journey home on the bus wouldn't cost them a penny. (I saw a fairly aged guy alternately clapping his hands and knees with such obvious pleasure it was delightful.)

Maybe it's their theology. Maybe it's their musicality. Maybe it's the originality. Maybe it's their humility. Maybe it's Luke's beard. Whatever it is, Phatfish are immense.

You had me at Phatfish

I feel almost teenager like. I'm more excited about Phatfish's leading of worship and concert on Wednesday than I was to going to my first Delirious? concert.

Phatness in Bognor

Can anything good come out of Bognor? I guess the answer we'd have to give is come and see...

The Bognor Regis Bible Week starts today. It's a more ambitious week than Portsmouth's Living Word Bible Convention, with more speakers and events.

The line up of speakers, including Derek Tidball, Lyndon Bowring, Clifford Hill, David and Mary Pytches, Roger and Sue Mitchell and Greg Haslam would be reason enough to visit. The ever brilliant David Robinson, of the Saltmine Theatre Company is sure to attract a crowd on Friday.

But the icing on this substantial and already attractive week of bible teaching and fellowship is ... Phatfish in concert. Oh yes: I'm so glad I'm free on Wednesday evening!