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Pain & Glory

David, my brother, and Richard, one of his friends from Uni, had a combined birthday bash on Saturday. Paintball & barbecue, held in an area of woodland owned by some friends of ours. (It was the same location and equipment he used for his stag do in July).

Except that girls were invited.

Our little sis, Emma, who is a mere 14 years of age, turned out to be a predictably fearsome fighter. She was a smaller target than the rest of us, but no less aggressive.

Alison, Richard’s wife, clearly knew how to handle a gun.

Pip - David’s wife - was the big surprise. She’s more or less vegetarian. She works in Human Resources. She is calm and peaceable. But on Saturday she had a gun in her hand. And we found that she was not immune to that almost universal human craving that results from holding a gun.

For most of the games the teams were fairly evenly matched - the only exception was a game where the team I was on (red) managed to come round behind the blue team and shoot them all before they had a chance to shoot any of us. By the third minute of the game, only the red team were left in play. That was a good game… :)

But not all the games went that way… I’m still recovering from the bruises.