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About me

I'm a christian - and have been for approximately 11 years. I'm 26, live in Portsmouth, UK and work in the delightful village of Rowlands Castle where I run a small software firm with my brother and the aid of a trusty and talented crew of ... people.

I couldn't really claim to be a blogger. I was just occasionally post some random stuff that happens to be going through my overly cluttered consciousness as I sit in front of a computer. Unless, of course, you want to give free stuff to bloggers. In which case I am a blogger. Oh yes - that's what I am: a bloffer. Can I send you a delivery address?*

Bible quotations

I read the bible sometimes. And sometimes I quote it. Mainly because it's God's definitive narrative for the understanding background and purpose behind everything and stuff like that. I like to take it raw and fairly uninterpreted, so until I actually get around to learning enough Greek to read something other than John 1:1, and unless otherwise stated, all scripture quotations on this blog are from theEnglish Standard Version

* In the interests of full disclosure, my stats indicate that pretty much only my mother reads my blog...