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Dogfood & cynicism

The origin of the term dogfooding is an email sent by a guy in Microsoft to his team referencing a dog food and encouraging internal use of his teams product. It is used, in software circles, to refer to the point at which you start using what you're selling (or planning to sell).

I was reminded of term while pondering a passage in Tim Keller's The Reason for God. It strikes me that a degree of Tim Keller's success as an apologist is his ability to dogfood cynicism. He deconstructs, for example, the objection that belief is socially constructed - that religion is an accident of parentage and geographic origin. The argument is: if you'd been born in Morocco, you would probably be a Muslim, not a Christian, to which Keller replies but if you'd been born in Morocco, you'd probably be a Muslim not a secular pluralist.

Which is quite obvious once you've thought of it had it pointed out to you.

Cynicism shouldn't get a free pass.

Healthy cynicism is dogfooded cynicism.