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Things I would never have guessed from reading the bible

St Paul saw no need to seek to convert, but simply to make clear the origins and the dimensions of one's own faith.
Bishop Marc Andrus

Yes. We are talking about the guy who wrote:

For though I am free from all, I have made myself a servant to all, that I might win more of them. To the Jews I became as a Jew, in order to win Jews. To those under the law I became as one under the law (though not being myself under the law) that I might win those under the law. To those outside the law I became as one outside the law (not being outside the law of God but under the law of Christ) that I might win those outside the law. To the weak I became weak, that I might win the weak. I have become all things to all people, that by all means I might save some. (1 Cor 9:19-23 ESV).

The guy who wrote: "We implore you on behalf of Christ, be reconciled to God"; declared that there was only one mediator between God and man: "the man Christ Jesus"; pronounced curses on anyone who preached another gospel; described those who do not follow Christ as "children of wrath," "dead in trespasses and sins," "sons of disobedience" and without "hope and without God in the world."

That guy.

And now we find that what he was really trying to say was: Come on guys - let's all be authentic and spiritual in whatever form we find most natural - and let's all be open about it.