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Principles of exposition

Thought this article on the principles of exposition from the Simeon Trust was worth linking to.

That's all.

New bible

My new ESV1 from R L Allan & Son finally arrived today...

Allan ESV1 in box
Allan ESV1 in open box
Allan ESV1 wrapped
Allan ESV1 on box
Allan ESV1 open
Allan ESV1 doing J M Bertrand style yoga

It is beautifully bound and looks to be considerably more durable than the (considerably cheaper) TruTone cover on my current main bible (which has worn thin on the spine).

(The box it's sitting on is a box of 100 Gideons schools testaments - which seemed like the most appropriate free surface)

Ephesians 2

Ephesians 2 outlines our need for the gospel, God's provision in the gospel, God's ultimate purpose in making that provision and our present co-operation with God as he invites us to partner with him in the pursuit of that goal.

The first section (v1-10) deals primarily with personal impact of the gospel, while the second section (v11-22) outlines the impact but in a communal setting rather than an individual.

Download Ephesians_2.mp3