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Two Bleak

Accompanied my little sis, to see the play "Two" (written by Jim Cartwright, performed by the Hull Truck Theatre Company) at The Studio @ TPS. Apart from a slighty rocky opening scene, it was excellently performed. And well written.

Francis Schaeffer suggested that we can tell a lot about a society from the art that it produces. And there was much in the film that rang true. But everything was dysfunctional. Everything was broken. And there was no authentic hope.

The closest the play ever gets to hope is in the final scene, in the calm that follows the most serious fight. But it doesn't seem to get beyond a hope that hope might be around the corner. It buys into the myth that once two people lose their rag - let their frustrations with each other all hang out - then the healing will begin.

Its realistic portrait of modern society is its most depressing feature: we live in a hopeless society. A society without any real expectation of redemption or vision of wholeness. A culture that lacks the apparatus for healing relationships. It is striking how different the gospel is: it answers our deepest questions; it offers hope so real you can touch it; it has a realistic view of the difficulty of fixing a broken relationship; it has a vision of a healthy, restored relationship.

Why, when the gospel is so great, am I so timid and useless at sharing it?